10% of Your Employees

will file a claim every year


Typical Lag Time

in reporting injuries & filing reports

Increase Claim Expenses


24/7 Immediate Access

via phone or secure video to

Registered Nurses & Doctors


Eliminate Medical Decisions

workplace injuries being made

Non-Medical Professionals

24hr Virtual Clinic provides medical triage to injured workers and medical consultations to workers and their family who are ill – all through telehealth.

For Worker’s Comp injuries our Registered Nurses and Medical Doctors triage, assess and evaluate workers’ comp injuries over the phone from the injury site, via secure video and through smartphone app. Minutes after the medical triage is completed, all appropriate state and federal paperwork is filed.

Reduce Number of  Work Comp Claims

Lower E-Mod Rating

Immediate Filing of All Reports

Reduce Fraudulent Claims

Reduce Employee Time Off

Reduce Unnecessary Doctor Visits

Facts You Need To Know

  • 72% of workers either missed days of work as a result of their illness, that of family members, or were unable to concentrate at work as a result of health concerns.

    2011 The Clute Institute,

  • 55 million workers reported a time they were unable to concentrate at work because of their own illness or that of a family member, accounting for another 478 million days.,

  • Fraud in workers comp increased 24% in 2013 to $7.2 Billion per year – the fastest growing segment of insurance fraud.,

  • Productivity has been shown to drop only 28% when employees stayed home sick compared to a 72% drop when they tried to gut it out and keep working.,

One Simple Call Gives Your Employees


Immediate evaluation and assessment of work related injuries by a Registered Nurse and Medical Doctor.


Families have access to Virtual Medical Doctors for medical situations such as a cold, the flu, fever and allergies without reaching for a credit card prior to talking to the nurse or doctor.

24hr Virtual Clinic is available anywhere in the US to all industries. Call today to discuss for your company's options 855-450-4141.