24hr Virtual Clinic™ Unique Offering ~ Beyond Healthcare

The 24hr Virtual Clinic™ does what no other telehealth company does – extending beyond healthcare into the Workplace Injury arena.  Consequently, the Virtual Clinic saves your company money in both healthcare and work compensation.

The Virtual Clinic transitions a sizable percentage of claims away from their respective worker’s compensation and health care insurance and into our Virtual Clinic. This positions the Virtual Clinic in the realm of risk management and cost containment/mitigation vs. just a healthcare benefit.

How is this done? The 24hr Virtual Clinic™ combines occupational health, ergonomic health, early symptom intervention, behavioral health and non-critical health care programs into one integrated Virtual Clinic which generates significant savings through mitigation of the number and cost of work comp claims, reduction in the company’s E-mod rating, and a decrease in healthcare claims.

Unique benefits of the 24hr Virtual Clinic™ 

The Virtual Clinic:

  1. Uses a team of Registered Nurses with Medical Doctors to reduce the number and cost of claims
  2. Prepares and distributes all workplace injury reports immediately after triage call
  3. Prevents “unqualified” claims with the employee triaged and interviewed by a Medical Doctor
  4. Diagnoses, addresses, and provides solutions to Ergonomic Workstation issues
  5. Offers an Early Symptom Intervention program to prevent claims
  6. Provides access to all Virtual Clinic programs via one dedicated phone number
  7. Tailors program options to company’s specific pain points
  8. Generates an ROI on both healthcare and workplace injuries

The goal of the 24hr Virtual Clinic™ is to drive higher utilization of its services as more calls into the Virtual Clinic, the more money the company saves.

Let us show you how to save money and generate a 200% plus ROI with 24hr Virtual Clinic™.